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application yawzaaa!

Name: Angie
Age: 16
Favorite Bands (5 or +): Taking Back Sunday, brand new, reggie and the full effect, thursday, from autumn to ashes, moneen, the postal service, coheed and cambria, dashboard confessional, thrice
Why are you sex to the WOAH?: basically i so whatever i want, regaurdless of what any asshole says about it. also..its all about PARTYIN and having FUN...i freaking love kitties too, and they all want my sex
Pictures (3 or More):

 yea the blonde one...

  SEX LIKE WOAH!!! on the right ;)

  right again...

k enough...just thought i had to show u all this dumb crap i do cuz im wierd and all...i hope u guys didnt want FACE PICS ONLY...cuz i surely didnt do that...

(Then The Random Questions, To Determine your Coolness)
What's your favorite jello flavor/color: watermelon bc its awesome and makes the yummiest jello shots!! and color is cherry bc its like sexy blood red and u know...u just gotta have it
Pick one (Weasels, Pringles, or Straws): straws...you gotta suck em' 

If you could, would you ever be a cardboard cheese in a shool play? (You'ld have to chase a ham around a tree): fuck yea!! haha that would be the most hilarious thing ever...
Say Something Random:
whateva whateva i do what i want!!!!! and yea i run around naked if i want to cuz i do what i want!! and i like chocolate milk alot too...

woop wooop pull ova dat ass 2 phat...yea yea i kno i wana be ghetto..

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