Wishful thinking was my only sin (rightonred) wrote in sex_to_the_woah,
Wishful thinking was my only sin

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Okay, I'm going to say this once and once only, if it continues you will be banned from this community.

I am sick and tired of seeing kiddy porn like pictures. Yes, I realize that this community is named Sex_To_The_Woah, but it doesn't mean show us underage girls half naked. It means SEX as in good, looks good, good bands, nice person exc. Believe it or not we can judge this without seeing you half naked. Now I can tolerate belly shirts or even short skirts, but all this underwear and boobs popping out of shirts and such is not going to happen. So basically keep your boobs and the rest of your body a tad bit more covered.

If you are having trouble on understanding what is acceptable and what is not Theseare acceptable

and these arn't:

I am not dissing or putting anyone down or what have you, i'm just saying that it's distasteful and leave a bit to the imagination.
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