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application !!!

Name: Elaine
Age: 16
Favorite Bands (5 or +): the locust, norma jean, scarlet, alk3, the rise, the blood brothers, recover, thursday, death cab, brand new, at all cost, r tiz (the rose tremont), thrice
Why are you sex to the WOAH?: because my friends and I have a "why ya muggin" sign in our car window.
Pictures (3 or More):

(Then The Random Questions, To Determine your Coolness)
What's your favorite jello flavor/color: mmm the berry blue and the lime for sure
Pick one (Weasels, Pringles, or Straws): straws
If you could, would you ever be a cardboard cheese in a shool play? (You'ld have to chase a ham around a tree): fuck yeah i would!
Say Something Random: i really wish it would snow. its cold enough and ive never seen snow before. : (
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