justforspite (bymyselflpht7) wrote in sex_to_the_woah,

Name: Mikey
Age: 16
Favorite Bands (5 or +): The Used, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tuesday Night Jam Sessions, The Smyrk, Mighty Purple.
Why are you sex to the WOAH?: Cause i am just plain sexy. i go out everyday, dont spend too much time getting dolled up, and i am a sex machine...plus i have hugged fucking_emo_man
Pictures (3 or More):

What's your favorite jello flavor/color: yellow
Pick one (Weasels, Pringles, or Straws): pringles
If you could, would you ever be a cardboard cheese in a shool play? (You'ld have to chase a ham around a tree): oh yeah...i would only because i could make it sexy...
Say Something Random: as long as you have tacos...you have reason to live...
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