I'm nobody's little weasel. (teenabattoir) wrote in sex_to_the_woah,
I'm nobody's little weasel.

Name: Kayleigh Age:15;Favorite bands: The early november, Phantom Planet, Brand New, Glassjaw, Premonitions of War, Atreyu, Shai Hulud, Bayside is a cult, copeland, mae, Moreen, Taking Back Sunday, Silverstein, The all american rejects, Stevie Nicks, The cardigans, Six Pence none the richer, Blindside, Metric, Thursday, Thrice, FInch, etc. Why am I sex to the WOAH: .I feel like it. Because I wear long skirts, that show off one leg I have hair that sweeps the bridge of my nose My lip is pierced My eyes when shown can comfort you, like a cloud does to the moon I know how to sing to you I think with my heart, even when I'm not supossed to I'm sorry I told I just needed you to know. I think I overdid it just a little, but this question is hard to answer without coming off a little conceded, which I hate doing.My favorite Jello color/flavor:GrapePick one (Weasels, Pringles, or Straws) I was thinking weasels, because animals are cute, but I like straws, they can bend, and you can use them to entertain yourself, aswell as roll them over your lips and tongue. If you could, would you ever be a cardboard cheese in a shool play? (You'ld have to chase a ham around a tree) erm. I don't know. Yeah, because plays are fun, especially school plays. I'd do anything to act like a kid more than I can. Say Something Random:fickle
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